Pete-sept2013Following Jesus is a journey and a lifelong adventure. Those who choose to put his teachings into practice, will be challenged to their core, because the discipleship journey requires us to rearrange our lives around God’s priorities. One of the things our Lord told us to do is to “fish” for people, which is, no doubt, the most interesting occupation in the world. Making disciples, people who will join us on the journey, is the mission or purpose in life that Jesus gave to his followers.

Relying on the power and ability of the indwelling Holy Spirit, Jesus asks his followers to take personal responsibility for loving the people who live, work, and play around them and for leading them into a faith relationship with him, which they, in turn, will pass on to others. This is what the Bible calls disciple making.

This website contains many interesting articles I wrote to help you on your personal discipleship journey. They are copyrighted,  but feel free to make copies for personal and teaching purposes or to share with friends. Enjoy and be challenged!

Pastor Pete Beck III

Life Community Network, Burlington, NC